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Daya Maduro was the first baby of 1983! She was born to be in the entertainment business.
She is originally from the island Curaçao. This is a beautiful island in the Caribbean, she is now based in the Netherlands.

Her passion is dancing, hosting, modelling & event management. She is known for the extreme love she has for carnival, in 2009 she was crowned miss Rio aan de Rijn and she was the leading lady of the carnival parade in Arnhem. Now she is a proud member of the carnival group The Shining Stars.
She is responsible for marketing & communication, organizing & planning of several events for the carnival group.
Daya has performed on numerous events in the Netherlands. On international womens day 2015 she was crowned as the 1st Miss Black Hair Netherlands. She recently started her own company "Fierce by Daya" specialized in makeup for dark skin.

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